Using weapons and maces are the only forms of attack Paladog and Darkdog have, which using them consumes mana. These maces are useful if used at the right time.Edit

Paladog MacesEdit

Type of Mace Mace Skill Mana Cost
Fist of Fury Mace Emits fist like figure that gives serious damage to the first 3 enemy units 10
Heal Mace Heals units in the aura 30
Turn Undead Mace Kills many enemies within a certain chance 50
Ice Mace Freezes nearest enemy unit for a short time 10
Fire Mace Burns enemy units near paladog 15
Meteor Mace Makes deadly meteors shoot down on enemy units 55
Wind Mace Knocks down enemy by blowing them out with strong wind 20
Food Mace Consumes mana to increase food 20
Lightning Mace Electrifies enemies near paladog 30
Poison Mace Forms a poison cloud around the enemy, giving damage to them constantly for a period of time 5
Money Mace Uses money to attack enemies (only usable on survival mode)

Darkdog WeaponsEdit

Type of Weapon Weapon Skill Mana Cost
Dark Sword Attacks short range targets 4
Wind Rapid Attacks three targets at once 40
Flame Sword Attacks all enemy units in the aura with flame 80
Poison dagger Gives damage for five seconds by emitting a poison cloud 40
Dimension Hammer Warps (teleports) enemy units to someplace else 100
Giant Sword Chance of knocking down enemies 50
Vampire Sword Recovers HP for giving damage to enemies 50
Ice Sword Freezes enemy units for a certain period of time 60
Mjollnir(Thor's Hammer) Electrifies many enemy units at once 150
Soul Hook Generates Food for giving damage to enemies 70