Vital statistics
Title The Kangaroo
Gender Male
Race Kangaroos
Faction Paladog
Health {{{health}}}
Level 1 (Default)
Status N/A
Location Critterland
Cost 40 Food
Special Skill Attacks with several punches.
Master of martial arts.

Always been looking for stronger opponents and the battlefield has become his own trial.

~ Description


Rooky the Kangaroo is the third fastest unit in the game, and has the highest attack speed. Once it gets in melee range, it will continually punch his enemies. While each punch is not particularly powerful (having roughly the same attack power of Mouse the Street Fighter at level 1), its speed is umatched, and can release a flurry of punches as special attack, that also functions as a ranged attack and can cause knockdown.

Should be noted that Rooky has higher HP than Bear the Royal Guard, making him more efficient as a tank. If summoned in high numbers, Rooky can decimate hordes of enemies in seconds, including large enemies. However, in order to maximize his efficiency, it is advised to give him support with other units, such as Defensive Tortoise and Hood the Rabbit.

However, much like most melee units, Rooky's becomes less useful at later chapters, where enemies can deal high damage, and subsequent upgrades will not give Rooky the HP he'd need to survive.