Name Penguin
Cost 150 Food
Species penguins
Special Skill The ice attack become stronger.

A wise critter who researches magial powers.

It came to an agreement to use forbidden magic for this wartime: cryo attack.

~ Description


Penguin the Wizard is the second most powerful unit in the game. It has the second highest attack, but has low HP. His delay, however, is among the lowest, meaning he can attack more times per second. His cryo magic is very powerful alone, and if the player stays within aura range, Penguin's spell attack will freeze any enemy, including powerful heavy units such as the Rock Monster. However, it doesn't work against bosses. Should be noted that Penguin's spell will only freeze enemies if Paladog is giving him aura.

Combined with the strategy of Hood the Rabbit, Penguin can easily overpower hordes of enemies. For that, having at least two or three Penguins and spam Rabbits is mostly effective. Once unlocked, summoning at least one Penguin will give the player the upper hand, specially against melee enemies.

Farming StrategiesEdit

Alongside Hood, Penguin can be used for a farming strategy against bosses. It works mostly effective against the Zombie King from the Mind Forest or the Mummy King from the Forest of the Dead, since they continually summon minions to attack.

The strategy relies on keeping a specific amount of Penguins and/or Rabbits to attack the summoned minions and the backup enemies without killing the main boss, allowing the player to collect many items, gold and experience points in a single run.

Equipping rings that boost item drop rate, gold and EXP are valuable. It's advised to also equip certain maces, such as Fist of Fury Mace, Wind Mace/Lightning Mace/Turn Undead Mace, to help with crowd control. Heal Mace is also valuable in later stages of the game to keep tanking units up.