Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Dog
Faction Paladog
Health {{{health}}}
Level 1 (Default level)
Status N/A
Location Critterland
Cost N/A
Special Skill Depends on an equipped weapon.

Paladog's Units:

Unit name Cost for summoning 
Mouse, The Street Fighter 10
Hood, The Rabbit 20
Bear, The Royal Guard 30
Rocky, The Kangaroo 40
Defensive Tortoise 50
Monkey, The Pirate 70
Elite Rhino 100
Penguin the Wizard 150
The Pink Dragon 200

Paladog is the main character of the game. He is a Paladin who fights the undead with his trusty steed and mace.

Abilities Edit

Fist mace: Default weapon. Moderate damage for up to 3 enemies.

Summon mobile units: Paladog's units can all move, unlike Darkdog's.

Healing: He can use his healing mace to heal his allies and himself for a moderate amount.

Holy Aura: His aura can heal and give buffs to surrounding allies.