Name Monkey
Cost 70 Food
Species monkeys
Special Skill Throws more powerful bombs.
Master of explosives. Incurs damage to multiple enemy units with the power of gunpowder. Although he is a mercenary, there is no doubt he is a great addition to the ally force.
~ Description


Monkey the Pirate is the first unit to be really effective at crowd control, as his bombs will hit any enemy in its range. A small group of Monkeys can effectively hold back small enemies while the other units focus on heavy targets. His drawback is that the delay between attacks is the highest of all units, meaning it won't attack as often.

Since his range isn't as long as Hood the Rabbit's and Penguin the Wizard's, using Monkey with Defensive Tortoise and, later in the game, with Elite Rhino, allows Monkey to effectively attack without being harmed.