A toxophilite capable of long distance attacks.

Once peace loving herbivore, but now arisen to save their burning forest against the enemy force.

~ Description
Vital statistics
Title The Rabbit
Gender Male
Race Rabbits
Faction Paladog
Health 100
Level 1 (Default)
Status N/A
Location Critterland
Cost 20 Food
Special Skill Launch fire arrows and penetrates enemies.
Level HP ATK Cost to upgrade
0 0 0 2000
1 100 400 500
2 105 420 1000
3 110 440 1500
4 115 460 2000
5 120 480 2500
6 125 500 3000
7 130 520 3500
8 135 540 4000
9 140 560 5000
10 145 580 6000
11 150 600 7000
12 155 620 8000
13 160 640 9000
14 165 660 10000
15 170 680 11000
16 175 700 12000
17 180 720 13000
18 185 740 14000
19 190 760 15000
20 200 800 0

Strategies Edit

Hood the Rabbit has become quite popular for its ability to complete most levels without the aid of other units. To accomplish this, the player should upgrade the Rabbit early, as soon it is unlocked, and focus on the skills Cultivation, Leadership, Skill Aura, and Haste Aura. Improving Aura Power can be beneficial, and War Aura is necessary for later levels.

With the proper upgrades, the strategy is simple enough; summon as many Rabbits as possible, and keep the front line within aura range. The hail of arrows will stop most enemies from advancing, and will often kill groups with a single volley. This is also a suitable tactic for defeating most early-game bosses with minimal effort. In most cases, new Rabbits will be summoned faster than old ones can be killed, with the Rabbit's low production cost and high summon speed contributing to building an army quickly.

However, should be noted that Hood has the lowest HP of all units, being one-shot by most enemies later in Chapter 2 onwards. If the player does not have all of the upgrades needed for the Rabbits to hold the line on their own, summoning one or two Defensive Tortoise will allow the player's Rabbit horde to build substantially.

Additionally, for extra late-game support, the player can summon Penguin the Wizard to supplement the Rabbit army, further delaying enemy advance and dealing additional damage. If food supply permits, a horde of Penguins is both stronger and even more effective than a horde of Rabbits, at a much higher cost to the player.

Farming StrategiesEdit

Alongside Penguin, Hood can be used for a farming strategy against bosses. It works mostly effective against the Zombie King from the Mind Forest or the Mummy King from the Forest of the Dead, since they continually summon minions to attack.

The strategy relies on keeping a specific amount of Rabbits and/or Penguins to attack the summoned minions and the backup enemies without killing the main boss, allowing the player to collect many items, gold and experience points in a single run.

Equipping rings that boost item drop rate, gold and EXP are valuable. It's advised to also equip certain maces, such as Fist of Fury Mace, Wind Mace/Lightning Mace/Turn Undead Mace, to help with crowd control. Heal Mace is also valuable in later stages of the game to keep tanking units up.