Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Dogs
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Cost Complete Paladog Survival Wave 5
Special Skill Demonic Transformation

Darkdog is a Hero only available in the Mobile Version of "Paladog" . (See here)

Darkdog was a powerful warrior who fell victim to the Evil's mind control. In the survival wave he is seen commanding the undead army, and fights Paladog in wave 5. He is defeated and returns to his normal self, thanks Paladog and rushes back to his village to defend the civilians. While searching through the forest, he loses control of himself and transforms, but his pet boar was able to calm him down.

When fighting him, he will transform into his demonic form once his HP reaches 50%.

Combat Edit

In the survival wave, he has very low attack but very high haste, and will constantly knock back your units. Unlike Paladog, Darkdog is more skilled in frontline combat. He is skilled at using swords but the more powerful ones cost very high mana, therefore he has more total mana and higher mana regen than Paladog. However, his max food and food regen is lower. He also has a dark aura that can damage, slow down and weaken enemies. It does not affect his units. Darkdog rarely needs to summon armies of units, as he is strong enough to take on most opponents with just 1-3 totems and animals. He also has a high crit and dodge rate.

Abililities Edit

Dark sword: Default weapon. Weak damage but very low mana cost.

Summon Chicken(Wind) totem: Immobile totem that has weak ranged damage, low health but low delay.

Warcry: Terrifies enemies nearby, causing them to freeze for a short time.

Summon Warrior Boar: Summons Darkdog's best friend who has low health, very low delay but weak melee attack.

Summon Whale(Water) totem: Immobile, high health and will heal nearby allies with moderate delay but cannot heal itself or other whale totems.

Summon Blades: Summons a row of giant blades, very high damage and will damage enemies over a wide horizontal range.

Summon Ox(Earth) totem: Summons a totem that acts like a shield. Has very high health, cannot move and cannot attack.

Summon Fire eagle: Summons an eagle that follows Darkdog, moderate health, very explosive and powerful attack with moderate delay.

Summon Lizard (Fire) totem: Summons an immobile totem, very high health and attack. Attack will cause enemies to burn over time.

Devil Dog transformation: Sacrifices food to transform into a demonic Devil Dog. Attack, defense and speed are drastically increased.