Zombie King

"HAHAHA~ I am the king of zombies. I'll turn you into a zombie and make you serve me!"

Appearance: The Zombie King is the weakest (not to mention the dumbest) boss of all. He has murky green flesh and yellow glowing eyes. And, to make things look a bit silly, he wears a royal robe, plus a golden crown.

Form of attack: He summons zombies by tilting his head and arms back, then thrusting them forward, creating a green gas cloud, from which two small zombies will emerge (don't worry, they're the weakest kinds). As he does this, he should be making a noise which sounds like "hsoohge," like an extremely huge sigh.

How to defeat boss: A good way to defeat the Zombie King is to send out a patrol of five UPGRADED Street-fighting Mice (about 10/20). More troops are always better. You might also want to make sure that you have a Fist of Fury Mace (or the Dark Sword if you're Darkdog) in case the mice are useless.  

Frog Witch

"Hoho, came to know the secret of my beauty? It's simple! Make you into a frog and eat my favorite frog stew!"

Appearance: The Frog Witch is the second boss that the players will encounter. She has purple skin with white hair. She wears a yellow cloak and hat and holds a long staff. At the one end of the staff, a miniature golden frog is stuck there.

Form of attack: The Frog Witch uses this staff to turn your troops into frogs. She will cackle, bringing the staff down on one of your troops, and a purple gas cloud should surround the soldier briefly. When the cloud clears, a frog would be there instead. Although the witch cannot give damage to others by turning them into frogs, the devils coming up behind her may be able to stab the frogs. The troops cannot do anything unless they are back to their true forms. This can take a few moments, but that's all it takes to get your side into a bad spot unless you have many strong troops.

Soccer Skeleton

"PASS! PASS! Pass the ball to me! YEAHHH, ALL MINE! I'll kick it all!"

Appearance: The Soccer Skeleton is a gigantic skeleton that is dressed up like a soccer player. He wears a yellow jersey with the number "17" on it, green shorts, and black sneakers.

Form of attack: The Soccer Skeleton kicks your troops then the kicked unit flies except for you although it damages you.

Strategy to defeat it: train a lot of troops (except for the mouse because when he kicks it dies easily) and then heal so they will not die. Also train some ranged units they can kill it faster.

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